Estoy flippando en colores


✅ Ground Zero (beta, testnet) - target: Jan 2024

- launch on https://gno.flippando.xyz (backend deployed to local environment / testnet environment)

- full game mechanics:

- flip 16 or 64 tiles and mint them as basic nfts

- tiles can be flipped with: 16 basic colors, 4 types of gradients (red, green, blue, grey), dice and hexagrams

- drag and drop basic nfts made by other players in the playground, and assemble them in composite nfts (artwork)

- basic marketplace listing and trading with respect to tokenomics

✅ Land of the Flips (beta, testnet) - target: March 2024

- adjust playground dynamically to account for the current number of available basic NFTs

- full game management (recover and replay interrupted games)

- faucet improvements

- Gnoswap integration for the FLIP fungible token

- backend versioning and consistent upgrade mechanism for realm deployments

⏳ The airdrop (beta, testnet) - target: June 2024

- stress test for a 10,000 basic NFTs airdrop

- test liquidity bootstrapping for the fungible FLIP token

- faucet hub listing

⏳ Awakening (production, mainnet) - target: July 2024

- feature freeze

- mainnet launch on Gno and EVM chains (Saga, Evmos, Polygon)

⏳ The Flip Connection (production, mainnet, cross-chain integration) - target: October 2024

- transfer / bridge NFTs from Gno to Flippando deployments on EVM chains

- transfer / bridge FLIP fungible tokens from Gno to Flippando deployments on EVM chains